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[ang]Rozprawka do sprawdzenia 
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Autor "[ang]Rozprawka do sprawdzenia"   
 Wysłana - 9 wrzesień 2008 21:21        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Who have never eaten fast food?
Nowadays almost everyone eat that kind of food.
Have you ever thought why our diet is unhealthy ?
I will present my opinion about that topic.
First of all people do not have enough time for cooking.
Some people thinks that spending time on cooking in 21th centrury is waste of time.
Secondly in majority case people like junk food because it's very tasty.
Although not only junk food is problem of our diet.
Also fatty food such as bigos, pierogi ruskie , bacon , kluski slaskie are very popular in Poland.
On the other hand more and more people change lifestyle and diet.
Knowledge about healthy food growing in polish society.
However some food common in Poland is also healthy for example eggs -wealth in protein , ricce - wealth in carbohydrate.
In addition if we compare for instance typical polish diet with typical diet in UK, Polish diet fare not bad as we can think.
To sum up in my opinion polish diet is generally unhealthy and we should change it
We need to be aware how important is our diet and try improve it.
In spite of that fact polish diet is not bad such as in other countries.

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 Wysłana - 9 wrzesień 2008 22:17       [zgłoszenie naruszenia]

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opinion ON

people THINK 21st

in majority of the cases

fatty dishes

is growing proteinS carbo...S

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[ang]Rozprawka do sprawdzenia