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10cc : The Secret Life Of Henry 
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Autor "10cc : The Secret Life Of Henry"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Early morning
I'm still yawning
Kiss the children
See you tonight dear

Henry's an angel when he closes the gate
But to the station he don't want to be late
His manner changes as he steps on the train
Beneath his bowler (hat) lies a schizophrenic brain
Oh he wants to flirt and Yes he's looking up the skirts 

He want to meddle with a body
He want to tamper with your mind
Sooner or later
He's gonna rip us his paper
He's gonna bring his fantasy
Out of the closet and into reality 

Henry's a devil when he get to this job
Won't take a break, he want to get to the top
No getting credit when the credit is due
He wants the glory and he'll crucify you 

Ten years, no promotion
Now he's gonna make them sit up (sit up)
He's been the brain behind the business
So, shut up (shut up)
And put your money where you mouth is 

Sooner or later
He's gonna take the computer
And take the information
He'll make a killing in the city
And they'll never, never, never ever know 

All alone
Sitting in his zanzibar
Dreamin' and schemin'
A plan of action but he won't get very far
Another skin-full 
Two more tequilas and he'll rule the world 
This is a rat-trap (mere existence)
He's really losing face (resistance)
I hear he's headin' for disaster
The fool will never beat the master now 

It's very late, he staggers back to the shop
There's something wrong if he's not back on the dot 
It's so astounding as he falls through the door 
He takes his lunch and passes out on the floor
Oh it's not his fashion
Usually keeps his passion hidden (hidden)
They'll never see him in the same way
Driven (driven)
He won't forget the things he did today 

Sooner or later
He's gonna rip us his paper
He's gonna bring his fantasy
Out of the closet and into reality 

Hello darlin'
How's your day been?
Can't complain dear
Same as usual

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10cc : The Secret Life Of Henry

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