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50 Cent : Hail Mary 
[powiadom znajomego]    
Autor "50 Cent : Hail Mary"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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(Spoken - Eminem)
Makaveli rest in peace
Erv gotti
Too much bacardi in his body
Mouth like a 12 guage shotty

(Chorus part1 x1)
Come get me - If u motherfuckers want shady
If pac was still here now - He would never ride with ja
Nah nana nah na na na nah

(Voice over - Eminem)
Feel me
And ja said he shall be the lost begotten seed of 2pac
To lead this industry into the ways of the man
Follow me
Keep my mesh vest as pacs vest

(Chorus x1)

You aint a killer you a pussy
That ***tacy done got you all emotional and mooshy
Bitches wearin rags in fotoz Jas words bein quoted
In the source stealin pacs shit like he just wrote it
You loud mouth pray to god hopin no ones listenin
See 50 comin for me oh my god ma my position
No one 'll pay attention to me please gotti here i go
Give me this pill ***tacy got me feelin so invincible
Now all of a sudden im a fuckin mad who screams
Like im pac but im not, enemies, hennesse
Actin like im great but im fake im crazy
Sweat drip get me off this trip someone stop this train
Some say my brain is all corrupt and fucked from this shit
Im stuck im addcited to these drugs im a quit
Sayin motherfuckers names before someone fucks me up
Aint no pussies over here partner, see you in hell fucker

(Chorus part1 x1)
Come get me - If u motherfuckers want shady
If pac was still here now - He would never ride with ja
Nah nana nah na na na nah

(Chorus part2 x1)
Get off that e - Before u come and try to fuck with me
Its aftermath here now - Shady records got it locked
Lah lala lah la la la lah

(50 Cent)
Penetentiaries is packed with promise makers
Never realize the precious time these bitch niggaz is wastin
Institutionalized my bitchz bring me product by the bundles
Not so hard for em to sell G Unit mother fucker, We ballin
Catch me countin G's and when im callin, cant ya accept my call
See youll let me sip on hennesse, can i sip some more
Hell i done been to jail i aint scared
Moma checkin in my bedroom i aint there
I got a head with no screws in it
Motherfuckers thinkin they can stop 50, they losin it
Lil nigga name ja think he live like me
Told em bout he left the hospital took 9 like me
You livin fantasies nigga, i be chequin deposits
When ur lil sweet ass gone come out of the closet
Now he wonderin why dmx blown them out
Next time grown folks talkin bitch close ur mouth
Peep me i take this war shit deeply
Done see too many real niggaz ballin to let these bitch niggaz beat me
Black, youz a motherfuckin punk and you dont see me with gloves
Quit scaring them kids with ur ugly ass mug
And you can tell them niggaz you roll with whatever you want
But you and i know whats goin on
Nigga pay back time i know ur bitch ass from way back
Winners be strapped with mach's know i dont play that
All these old rappers tryin to advance
Its all over now take it like a man (Haha)
Erv lookin like larry holmes flabby and shit
Tryin to playa hate on my shit, nigga eat a fat dick
Lovin this shit thats how u made me
Feelin like i got you niggaz crazy (Uhuh)
Against all odds
Hopin my thug motherfuckers know
This be the realest shit i ever wrote
Against all odds
Up in the studio gettin blow
To the truest shit i ever spoke

(Voice over - 50 Cent)
21 gun salute, bitch !

(Busta Rhymes)
Aye yo, i been one of the most humble Rep the streets to the core
Aye jeffery... What u come and bother me for
Its been a long time comin like a blessin and check you
See one oh six you punk fans dont even fuckin respect you
Its kinda funny wannabe pac wanna fake like be thug
Run around talkin shit that he aint capable of
Now let me off this cock sucker watch me hand to u nigga
If i recall, a violater used to manage u nigga
Then took a closer look and realized u was an imposter
Theres never been a violater on a murder inc roster
Dumb ass, now whos shook, ah made you look
You should bust singing the same old hook
You stupid, if yall shootin, i take a look atcha man
The bitch shot himself in front of def jam
Cheddar bob ass nigga start adjustin ur plans
You let the streets down nigga apologize to ur fans
Watch you pull a little stunt like we aint know what it was
Little faggot desperate tryin to re-establish a buzz
I kno this shit is drivin u crazy you wondering how
The streets aint never want you beatrice, what u gona do now
And if you wanna beef with me then im beefin with you
I think about the game and what its like and what would it be without you
You finished, i aint tryin to repeat this and just coz im cool
Doesnt mean you should mistake my kindness for weakness

(Spoken - Busta Rhymes)
It was fun
Next time you got a problem with me
Address me before you try to make shit publicn shit homie
Now im a return back to my regular self
And have fun again

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50 Cent : Hail Mary

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