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Blazin Squad, The : I Belong To You (Everytime I See Your Face) 
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Autor "Blazin Squad, The : I Belong To You (Everytime I See Your Face)"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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(Blazin Squad)

(yeah thats right)

Everytime i see your face it
makes me wanna sing, and
everytime i think about your
love it drives me crazy

When i see your face i don't
wanna remember, hating me
it won't last forever, you me
i'll never like another, you
was the love and i found ya
i wanna be round ya, and
turn back time, i would
i could, i should get ya back,
but life goes on, i'll still go
strong, i'll wait a while but
not that long

Take a step back and think
of the times, when we used
to have fun all alone in the dark,
just me and you, no-one
else, love was strong and in
your heart this damn love is
all gone, but in mine it's like
a scar, it's never gonna go,
please baby call me i really need
to know, it's driving me crazy
girl my minds about to blow, you're my number
one girl it's all i have to show

How it is now, how it is,
reminisce forget it, i know you
aint got time to call or text or
write or think of me, I think i
might need you to pick me up and put me on my feet for
real, you don't know this, you
know were close to love but it
unfolded but now the oldest
memories are golden.

I belong to you (i belong)
I give all my love to you,
everytime i see your face it
makes me wanna sing and
everytime i think about your love it drives me crazy
I belong to you (i belong)
i give all my love to you
everytime i see your face it makes me
wanna sing (i give
you all my love) and everytime i think about
your love it drives me crazy

Hold up a minute yo wait turn
back the clock, coz girl i miss
you bad i think about you
non-stop, how could you
forget all of those special times we were all alone
and you looked so fine,
sometimes i'd just stare look up to the sky
wondering if you were looking
up at the same time, oh please you
know i'd fall down on my knees,
coz i loved you girl you was the one for me.

Rocky B
Im besotted, coz my brain
feels so clotted, why you
wanna hate man coz of what
a mans done, say you wanna
leave man in da rain, to deal
with the pain, alone because you're gone, i've gotta face
the black gotta fade away, it's been seven days, since i've
seen you last, but now coz you're in my past,
a day don'e go when i don't think of you

Did you ever think abouthow i'd feel
when you was walking out the door
now i'm feeling sore , i can't touch
ya feel ya kiss you no more
you're not around me or even
in my life no more, now i'll
never love again coz my
hearts in shreds, how can
the love be there and all of a sudden dead,
I thought the love we had would be
eternally strong, but now i can see that i was
wrong, coz you're gone

Repeat chorus x2

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Blazin Squad, The : I Belong To You (Everytime I See Your Face)

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