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Blazin Squad, The : How Blazin' Rolls 
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Autor "Blazin Squad, The : How Blazin' Rolls"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgło¶ naruszenie regulaminu

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Everything we do is magic,
Everything we touch is classic,
Yea we always knew that we had it
And now everybody knows, how blazin rolls

We got something here that really could cause trouble,
It only just occurred to me,
Right now, we got it bad, yes we have,
It’s going crazy cant you see.

Now I'm ready to get into some serious shh
Reach amazing heights,
All over the news that we are bigger than life,
It’s not what you think,
American bling when we all get in a mob,
I know you all thought it was luck but it just happened,
And now its all kicking off, it just happened,
I dont know what to say, it just happened,
So now we’re licking off shows, we’re just rapping.
Back in the scenes you attack the critics,
Its hard to survive in this tricky business,
From rags to riches,
To drug addicted kids and misfits,
It’s all so twisted, you missed it,
The point of it, it gets better,
Everything we do, c’mon we’re trend setters,
Together we can make up and create a bendetta...
We’re getting the girls wetter.

(chorus) x2

Now you understand this blazin' situation,
And you know just how we roll,
Tell me it isn't true,
Something like us was due,

here we go c’mon here we go c’mon yo Strider

So ha! I think its time that we should sit down,
Remember times when we used to make tapes and class tunes,
And now its all about making G’s’
travel over seas,
drinking crisp,
driving Audi TT’s,
Now your walking down the street with your platinum chain,
Up on stages girls are screaming your name,
But its the same,
Its the best thing of fame,
Never change, change always loses the game.
So, when I say jump n jump bounce,
All girls are blazin' its time to while out,
I’ll take it to the last round,
Here there never found,
Outer bounds,
Keep hitting ya with the with the brand new sounds,
I'm a B-L-A-Z-I-N-S-Q-U-A-D-M-C
Tanned skin,
Green eyes,
Spiked hair thats me,
Got a libical tongue,
Say master R-I-P

(chorus) x2

How we’re rolling,
We’re rolling like this
How we’re strolling,
We’re strolling like that
Cause, we, blow up ozones when we’re on attack,
You need to stop, slow down and take a step back. (x2)

Hope ya feeling me now,
Cause back in the day,
We used to dream,
Never had a say,
Never had it our way,
I started off the hard way,
I dont play,
Lyrics that we bust we’re always played on tape,
But now, I think my life is made,
At a young age,
Little children stop,
They stand and gaze,
As I walk down the street,
In this never ending maze,
Cause life is a blaze and I intend to amaze,

Hear this!

(chorus) x2

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Blazin Squad, The : How Blazin' Rolls

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