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Broken Hope : Swamped in Gore 
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Autor "Broken Hope : Swamped in Gore"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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She concealed such a horror, her beauty mislead,
Outside such a woman, yet inside she was dead.

We kissed and touched heavily, our passion grew hot,
Seconds later between her legs I began to finger rot.
My digits swam inside her collapsing vaginal walls,
Moaning with sick ***tasy, she caressed my shrunken balls.
I pushed so deep inside, slightly past my wrist,
My hand pulled out ovaries, and uterus wrapped my fist.
She came out in chunks,
Rotting vaginal hunks,
Genital retroplasia obvious,
Pathognomic traits severely leperous.

As I rubbed her clitoris, it ripped from its hood,
Madly trying to put it back did no goddamn good.
I finished her masturbation, she now had such a gap,
Blood, crumbled man's pubis lay splattered on her lap.
Perenium dehiscence joins vagina and anus into rectocele,
Advanced Hansen's disease of pudendum, pubis tissues peel,
Tissue cells in genitalia totally degenerated,
Painless breakage of pubic flesh and nerves deteriorated.

Discharging putrefied matter in a dead menstrual flow,
Where the pathogenesis began no one will know.
A bacterium hybrid of gangrene and leprosy,
Organs prolapse as the disease continues its spree.
She giggles as her rotten hymen breaks,
Horribly, entire vaginal cavity disintegrates.
Female organ structures in decomposing states,
This shall be the last of my blind dates.
I spread her withered labias, they split, ripped and broke,
Douching internal mortis, on gangrenous feminine odor I choke.
I peeled back her pubis and hair, it tore in such a way,
If trimmed proper it would make a revolting toupe
Genital breakage by a simple touch or wipe,
Pustules from internal, she's sickenly ripe.
Reproductive organs in complete mortification,
From clit to birth canal in total retrogression.

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Broken Hope : Swamped in Gore

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