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Cannibal Corpse : Bloody Chunks 
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Autor "Cannibal Corpse : Bloody Chunks"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Walking down the street, the smell of death in the air
What a rotting stench
My imagination runs wild at what it could be
Open up the can to discover a dead body

Or what was left of one, pieces in a bag
Blood is everywhere what a retched sight
Cut up really small by a razor sharp knife
Lying in the garbage no one else knows
What I have found, what should I do
Take it to the police or make it into stew
This was an evil committed by the insane
Looking down laughing, I am the same

The sight of death drives me nuts, I must kill
To control my brain
Swept away by my lust to cause pain,
Mutilation is my only want

The evil inside me gives me the strength
To kill at will
My life is the means to cause death
In the most sinister way

I see it in your eyes the fear that keeps me alive
I'll take it away, your life will end today
I'll leave you to rot, what a sick odor
Scream all you want, but you can't stop this horror

Tasting your life as I drink your blood
Ripping out your insides, chewing on your spleen
Dead or living flesh is what I crave
I'll kill someone or eat from a grave

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Cannibal Corpse : Bloody Chunks

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