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Capone -N- Noreaga : The Reunion - Full Steezy 
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Autor "Capone -N- Noreaga : The Reunion - Full Steezy"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:22        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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[Chorus: Capone *singing*]
Girl, you are so sweet (so sweet)
Say that is what you are (what you are ma)
See me I'm from Q.B. (Q.B.)
And you can be my star (be my star)
So come sail away with me (c'mon, c'mon)
Let's cruise into my thug world (let's go)
And we'll get high with each other
(hear ma, hear ma) uh-huh, do your thing ma

You say you lookin for a lover Boo, someone you can talk to
I walk these streets, tryin hard not to hawk you
Laugh when they stalk you, playin my cards
Weighin the odds, I see your face like a mirage
Your hair tied in a bun, with a chopstick through it
Your frames make you look erotic, exotic twist
Don't know I'm a thug, but I'm sentimental
Cried when Cochese died; a villain need a girlfriend too
Love it when they play shy - and if I ever fall in love
see this babyface? Swear I never tell a lie
Gossip got you hatin me so much right now
Like Kelis, ready to call police, give 'em all the heat
You know I'm on parole, so you chose not to beep for a week
Couldn't see your man goin up creek
Fuck the B.I.'s, the letters, and the short-eye pictures
I'ma ride for my bitches, if they ride for my niggaz


I see you workin hard, the wrong man got you cursin God
Earth in the physical flesh, a certified star
You make your own, I know you tired of spendin days alone
All cried out, I'm wonderin if I can take you home
We can lay up, breakfast when you wake up
A covergirl, lovin your world, fly no make-up
Ain't nuttin change, I stay sunk in the Range
I get brain, switch lanes when I'm pluckin a dame
Hit your job on your lunch break, the spots they can take
Make a date later this week, so we can celebrate
Knew my hustle, you never did try to knock it
The first true thug in your life, I got you in the pocket
Wasn't with the sneakin thing, the hill showed your appeal
You keep it real with the feminine feel
I still love the stretch socks and your Reeboks
I love my mami's, konichi-wa, and your nani-nani


How does it feel for you to be in my world
Even my girl shoppin sprees Monopoly cheese, coppin you pearls
Sautee or foreplay, all day
From the bedroom, to the hallway, I'm all in her toes
Open my nose, love it when you go downtown
Hold a freak too, I'd love to see you, in somethin see-through
Beep daddy, I come and eat you
Speedin in a Caddy buck on the (?), room three-two
The spot next to (?) low, nobody gotta know
I left the studio ma, yeah, we gotta cop and go
But don't sweat it though, I got us round trip to Mexico
Chanel thong to go along with your X and O


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Capone -N- Noreaga : The Reunion - Full Steezy

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