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Cross Movement : Honor And Glory 
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Autor "Cross Movement : Honor And Glory"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:23        | zgło¶ naruszenie regulaminu

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Chorus: All praise, honor and glory be-long ·
To the God who’s strong with authority ·
He’s matchless, this rap is lyrically graphic ·
"Cause it’s a tactic to speak truth so you can grasp it ·

· The Tonic: Now you can grasp this ·
You can live in fullness in between your birth date
and your death date where the dash is ·
And your casket or your fancy gray brick ·
Can be the hot spot where the cherubim sit ·
"Til the Father says, "Roll back the stone bring him to the thrown, ·
Yea, cause where He laid his heart was his home" ·
Check the millions, higher than "killions" ·
What a love-Jones it took to breath on these dry bones ·
Can you imagine what’s gonna happen in His splendor ·
The Never Ender, when we return to Sender ·
Surrender be the prerequisite, no visit, familia and that’s "izit" ·
All you need is to accept the Savior, ·
The Christ, Immanuel, Messiah, the Flavor ·
How much more glory flossin’ can you get? ·
You talk about a "baller" on the set! ·

· | Repeat Chorus | ·

· The Ambassador: With everlasting passion brothers are askin’ ·
How are you getting to heaven, and we as without bashin’ ·
There’s a price but you can’t use credit or cash man ·
Sin is ice and your "works" shoes ain’t got no traction ·
God’s not a white or black man, Asian or Latin ·
He’s the invisible captain, check the Word, save the yappin’ ·
Historically when sharing’ the gospel story we ·
Assuredly would hear them say, scram kid your boring me ·
But since then, something’s convinced them ·
Because of sin they’re fenced in ·
Their sins are crimson and only Christ can cleanse them ·
This can only be the Spirit aka the Paraclete ·
Who you only meet in Christ aka the narrow street ·
Someone I desperately want to meet ·
Cause I’m a feen for the Rock and I don’t mean Sean Connery ·
The truth’s diesel so all the earthly minded people ·
Look up so you can see the point like a steeple. ·

· | Repeat Chorus | ·

· The Ambassador: Is that you, are you convinced black?
Tell me if you can sense that ·
There’s a gap and only Christ can mend that---tell your friends that ·
It’s sad when you think God’s only opposed to bad sin ·
When all sin is bad so next to Him we’re all bad men ·
Word up, it doesn’t have to be rape or murder ·
God’s got beef with all sin like steaks and burgers ·
This should explain human suffering and pain ·
Almost check mate but wait we know a Name ·
Christ emerged out of the mist knowing that all men ·
Were born just like Oliver Twist—a bunch of orphans ·
And the cross can pay the wage to save the lost man ·
Awesome, now you can stop fearing the coffin ·
If this rocks ya let nothing stop ya the Poppa’s got ya ·
Drop to your knees and then ask Him to adopt ya ·
He’ll take you out the muck and mire, tell you that you’re going higher
Then He’ll light up your life just like a bond fire. ·

· | Repeat Chorus | ·

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Cross Movement : Honor And Glory

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