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Dark Tranquillity : On Your Time 
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Autor "Dark Tranquillity : On Your Time"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:23        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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By the wind and by time, by everything that flees
A torment of my liking: exploring extremes
All thoughts secluded as fear stalks its blooded soil
In the winding path where a chain now rattles
With links merely death can break
Stains of pride - derelict
In feverish visions of agonizing light
Pulsating rhythm unpure
So pound the drum
And strike the chords of chaos
So scream out to the skies:
Of chaos and eternal night
Never is the dark any threat to my existence
Comforting ravens claws grip the stars that fell tonight
The stealth of infinite beauty
Nevertheless heaven fell tonight
Racing along with the strangled teardrop
Life's elixir in benevolent lust
Slit open the throat that is virtue
Let fire ravage its caverns with joy
Ardent but silent in twilight resigned
Delivered from virtue in vehement plight
Yet ask not of your vanity
(the hooved agitator in your creed)
Stray across the vault your seed
Concealed cravings must through fulfillment be broken
Hide no longer behind the veil of unconvincing lies
So pound the drum
And strike the chords of chaos
So scream out to the skies:
Of chaos and eternal night
I've seen fires weaving patterns
Forging ornaments - hidden from a world of distress
Grace through hatred:
Of chaos and eternal night
In shadows now vengeful waiting out your bitter foe
The mirror distorts
Sinful is the perceiving eye
Tearless in nondescript form
Scarlet secrets tell of nightmarish fear
Illusions that speak of endless night
A venture in terms of one hazardous journey
Into chaos and eternal night
Deliver me from virtue,
Hidden no more beneath your tender veil of lies
And let 'em all out;
Unseen and sinful...
...Of chaos and eternal night

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Dark Tranquillity : On Your Time

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