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Devil Doll : Mr. Doctor 
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Autor "Devil Doll : Mr. Doctor"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:23        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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While on the surface
Light and shade take turns
And smile and tears
And fair and ugly
Saint and nasty
And the monstrous
Is just the different:
Tiny crack in the globe's perfection

Down there swarms excess:
Where exception is the rule
And the loathsome
Spreads always
Unexplored dimensions
And sundry doors
Open on the magma:
The black holes

In the terrible adventure
Of each night
Whose irrational daring
Springs only
From the ignorance
Of danger
The doors open wide
And streams of unknown
Flow into the sleep

The unnameable
Gave me the axe
To lop off the head
Sever the limbs
Disguise coldly
And throw away

My brother

Lights often keep secret hypnosis
Sleeping down
- There -
In the dark
"Undead is whoever
Can wait eternally
In ambush
Ready to seize
With the fangs'."

Slowly the phantoms
Creeping through
The grey canals
Silently riding
The wings of reality
The mischievous glance
Speedily flares
While pure and deranged
My poor little sister
I deflower;
Or drive the red
- My red - Soaking blade
Into the boring beloved
Old benefactress' heart

And when the fog
Starts to unreel
And the obscure gulfs
Are covered again
As if nothing
Had ever happened
And yet the unaware people
Smile at me raising their hats:
"Mr. Doctor!".
And when the open wide eyes
Every damned
Endless moment
I set out
Across the pebbles
Worn out
Laying my read
I stare at the lights
For the list time
Two lights
On the tracks

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Devil Doll : Mr. Doctor

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