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Fish : View From A Hill 
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Autor "Fish : View From A Hill"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:23        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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You sit and think that everything is coming up roses
But you can't see the weeds that entangle your feet
You can't see the wood for the trees 'cause the forest is burning
And you say it's the smoke in your eyes that's making you cry

They sold you the view from a hill
They told you that the view from the hill would be
Further than you have ever seen before
They sold you a view from a hill
They sold you a view from a hill

You were a dancer and a chancer, a poet and a fool
To the royalty of mayhem you were breaking all the rules
Your decadence outstanding, your hopes flying high
One eye looking over your shoulder, one eye on the hill
You used to say you were scared of heights - you said you got dizzy
You said you didn't like your feet being too far off the ground
But they said that up there you'd find the air would be clearer
Promised you more space to move and more room to breathe

They sold you a view from a hill
They told you that the view from the hill
Is further than you'd ever seen before

You were holding out forever - thought they'd never turn your mind
Your ideals they were higher than you ever could have climbed
We thought they couldn't buy you - that the price would be too high
That the riches there on offer they just wouldn't turn your eyes
But your conscience it was locked up in the prisons of your schemes
Your judgement it was blinded by your visions and your dreams
Praying and hoping that the view from the hill
Is wider than you've ever seen before
For the view from the hill we held our heads so high (smell the roses)
All the loved ones that you lied to are strangers left behind
All the ones that really mattered well you stood on as you climbed
You were holding out forever for your fathers and your peers
Holding out for everyone that ever walked in here
The edge was inside and you rode it all the way
You were playing the games that you learned yesterday
Hanging around like a fool with a name
You are holding your place for the view, the view from a hill

They sold you the view from a hill
Look it all for a view from a hill
And you find the view's no further than you've seen before

They sold you the view from the hill
And you stood and took it all for the view from a hill
It's simply coming up roses

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Fish : View From A Hill

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