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Gangsta Boo : Both Worlds *69 - I Thought YOu Knew f/ Crunchy Black 
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Autor "Gangsta Boo : Both Worlds *69 - I Thought YOu Knew f/ Crunchy Black"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:23        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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(Gangsta Boo) Nosey motherfuckers (nosey)
(Crunchy Blac) All y'all nosey ass bitches and niggas out here
(Gangsta Boo) But I thought you knew (I thought you knew
this shit ain't gone stop)
(Crunchy Blac) We from memphis, we run this shit
(Gangsta Boo) Check soundscan check
(Crunchy Blac) Don't get mad when you get hit in the
head with that brick boy
(Gangsta Boo) You see them billboards
(Crunchy Blac) Don't get mad when you get hit in the head with that brick
(Gangsta Boo) Gangsta Boo,
(Crunchy Blac) Crunchy Blac
(Gangsta Boo) Both worlds star 69 baby its official
Queen of Memphis

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I thought you knew, I thought you knew that we be comin up quick
I thought you knew, I thought you knew that we ain't takin no shit
I thought you knew, I thought you knew we turnin crumbs to bricks
I thought you knew, that I'm from Memphis where the shit is so thick

(Crunchy Blac)
You tryin to be me, but you can't be me
You tryin to see me, but you can't see me
It's hard for you to see, me in this industry
Hustlin in the skreet, tryin to get me some eat
I'm tired of them fuckin games, I'm tired of them fuckin chains
Somebody got locked down, and shackled with fuckin chains
They ruined their fuckin brain, they ain't treated like a man
This shit gotta stop here, I'm tryin to maintain
But I can't maintain, cause niggas be actin strange
Just let me know the biz, and I'm gonna handle it man
So I can have some change in this fuckin lifetime
But it ain't nuttin for me man to get out on the grind
And to do what I gotta do and shoot who I gotta shoot
I'm paper like chasin nigga or tryin to be just like you
I'm tryin to ride big cars I'm tryin to have faith in god
I put it in his hands so it won't be so hard


(Gangsta Boo)
I thought you knew that me and Crunchy Blac be rollin up bud
I thought you knew when I be comin escalade on them dubs
I thought you knew I thought you knew I know you hatin on me
I thought you knew, fuck you nigga C to the B

(Crunchy Blac)
I thought you knew that if you mess with boo you messin with me
I thought you knew I lay your bitch ass off in the skreet
I thought you knew that you can call the motherfuckin police
I thought you knew you you can get the fuck away from me

(Gangsta Boo)
We be out here in the streets constantly tryin to make it
Fuck a record this ain't shit nigga savin my paper
Do a song give me 20 thou pile on the plate
The Queen of Memphis bout her business nigga dodgin you snakes

(Crunchy Blac)
See I'm out here hustlin workin my musclin
Tryin to get me somethin to eat
Y'all out here like tussilin
And fusserin about the way that we make our fuckin cheese
Knew y'all haters couldn't believe hypnotize is all you see


(Gangsta Boo)
Gangsta Boo be laid back, watchin you make a fool
Out ya self, cause in the end motha fucka you lose
In my eyes I see blood red nigga you scared
Bullet lead in ya head dead nigga you bled
Out the closet come a skeleton that you tryin to hide
Misses bitches gangsta gangsta nigga livin to die
August 7-7-9 was the day I arrived
Now I'm triple six mob smoke out nigga I'm hi
Lady gangsta claimin clout lad all in yo face
I'm the one they say fine at the end of the day
I'm the one thats with crunchy to the day thats forever
Yes we're out here but we're fam nigga stickin together
Never leave his fuckin side nigga comin and gunnin
Gangsta Boo should be the punisher I'm tellin you nigga
Fuckin phony motha fuckas who thought I was finished
Hate to break the news to ya, but this just the beginnin nigga

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