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Grits : Man's Soul 
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Autor "Grits : Man's Soul"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:24        | zgło¶ naruszenie regulaminu

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The more I meditate, I hesitate to even show face
The more I hesitate, I contemplate my life is a waste
My spirit levitates to take a glance at truth of its grace
As my flesh emulates every act of disgrace
So deceptive in perception of its hunger and greed
Maliciously relentless to fulfill whatever it needs
Undisciplined, rebellious, no regard for righteousness
Ever since it tasted death, he desires nothing less
Too many nights I spent in tears, drowning in fear
I’m never making it, through all the time I spend faking it
My soul is proving capability and prone that when alone
Without the father’s consecration flesh manipulates
Constantly, continual battles might end up being goes through
Why do I do the things I know I’m not supposed to
Why don’t I do the things that I know I should do
Who s to blame except me and me alone
I found my enemies home

What could it inhibit a habit
the dark corners lurking
demonic principalities when other evils working
you can’t escape fate, allow what’s in your heart to tailgate
you’re your only cellmate to unlock what locked the jail gate

Somewhere inside the crevice, I long to face the limits
The premise is death for execution of flesh
past no authority and so control the tree of life
I chose, taking shape of its mold
Indulge in fruit too, whatever you do, I do, we crew
Give it unto a city, evil, not for me, you you
Doom can’t loom if I no longer give it room zoom a zoom
You’re free to explode for miles with a loud boom
Perfect tightly I hold with no attention
To foe toe to toe and low to low, flow to flow I stand firm
Learn to discern, circumstances are changed
Do a dance with death, til my soul’s last breath
When I’m at my hardest
Can salvage my image tarnish
What can make me whole again
The blood of Jesus
Freed a deed
Down the slanted hill I ski high speed
Manage to get bandaged when I got tree

What lies in a man’s soul…

I found that evil doesn’t have a face, so let alone a place
It just lingers in the void over an open space
Searching out a victim
To nuzzle up against, take under its wing, and habit, then reign supreme
Think it control, it slowly conquers a man’s soul
Behold real TV, even real is when it takes its toll
Unfold, with those punches, you don’t have to roll
Toss yourself at the cross, and escape the devil
More vibrant than the radiant redhead
W/ flashlights, the fingers, the illuminated words of Christ
Put that on ice for a spell, pray tell, how in the world do you excel in the glory of God, and then rebel
Letting death valley give you a fear falling down
It will only breed your fears when you allow it to hang around
So get down, hit knees where prayers don’t cease
What’s lurking probably shouldn’t even be working

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Grits : Man's Soul

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