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Kid Rock : The Polyfuze Method Revisited - I Am the Bullgod 
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Autor "Kid Rock : The Polyfuze Method Revisited - I Am the Bullgod"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:24        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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this is the kickin kid rock with the kickin kid rap, shit
I'm on top and I rock for tricks
ally whips and nips and flips trips for whips
i get all the money, pussy falls like rain
make gettin' laid a pain, thats why i never complain
and if i ain't in it for the money, i'm in it for the p
it's 1998 ya'll and ya still can't fuck with me
(fuck fuck fuck fuck...)
ya don't be fuckin' with that blue eyed
rockin' with my two five
hold your fuckin' ass like my shoe side
i got a new vibe, kinda like voo doo
you do what we say, and we'll do what we wanna do
we're fuckin' up your city and we're fuckin' up your program
fuckin' all your bitches, we don't fuckin' give a god damn
twist and brow your stow with no assistance
we won't quit until we're banned from existence
persitance pays and that holds true
and i'm gonna buy this fuckin' planet by the time I'm through
i was praised and raised on the thoughts of no bacon
so gimme what i got comin' and the rest I'm takin'
i'm shakin' like Jerry Lee Lewis and shit
you act like a motherfucker's brand new at this shit
well i've been true to this shit, givin' my heart and soul
you sounded like you thought of gettin' passers cold, go fuck off
(fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off..) shit
oh with my pants half hangin' off my ass and shit
bong filled with hash, pockets stuffed with cash
i be the mushroom trippin' ship a shop and jack
cuz the kid's all missin', gettin' lots of black
i be the do wa diddy up and down your block
and put tank in the kid with my triggers cockin'
the K, the I, the D, R-O-C, K motherfucker and you still don't know me
so blow me bitch, i don't rock for cancer
i rock for the cash and the topless dancers
don't have no answers, so pass the joint
i just play the fool that made it in Detroit
i ride like Santa and the Indy 5
and gettin' lied for back which gets me high
strive for perfection, this much is true
we do what we say, you say what we do
kid rock he couldn't be no bozo
and if i get to much neater, never be no homo
rock from solo to Arizona, I'm an easy rider dreamin' on Wynona
I roam the country like a Greyhound bus
Put faith in lust, and in God I trust
I'm not Peter Pan, I don't fuck with fairies
but I bust more rhymes than virgin cherries
and hairy Gary couldn't call my name
fucked so many ho's I'm in the Hall of Fame
and I show no shame from coast to coast
I don't mean to brag, but I like to boast
Fuck off (fuck off, fuck off, fuck off...)
Yeah! Right in your motherfuckin' ass, bitch, with that Detroit city shit!
We ain't shit swiss, we on the same script
nothin' new since '76
Kid Rock, yo Slim Steady, come break these mother fucker's off
Yo, tell the world to hold their breath
they breathin' the wrong air
this planet belongs to me, and the city belong air
two white boys, despite punch and light joints
hang around drugs, loud music, and like noise
Slim Steady a brown trucker
another bunch of mother fucker's
who hate the world just as much as each other
and I ain't leavin' this party tonight
til I see some naked bitches dancin' around drunk touchin' each other
rum and Pepsi got ya home for sex and will be sketchy
cuz when i says dat people are scared to catch me
cuz all I do is curse and fuck
So when I do rooms ya'll better give me some room
Cuz I'm fuckin' the first one up
so when you see me on your block you better lock your cars
cuz ya know I'm losin' it when I'm rappin' the rockets hard
this is for children who break rules
people that straight fool
and every single teenager that hates school

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Kid Rock : The Polyfuze Method Revisited - I Am the Bullgod

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