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L.L. Cool J : G.O.A.T. (Edited) - Farmers 
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Autor "L.L. Cool J : G.O.A.T. (Edited) - Farmers"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:24        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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(feat. Tikki Diamondz)

[LL (Tikki)]

(Right now)
I'm bout to show you how it's done, you can
(Shut down)
Yo, my uzi weights a ton, you can
(Beat down)
And you can pump it in your system till it
(Blow out)
Whatever dog, no doubt, I'm bout to
(Smack up)
Anybody who front like he
Don't he know I stay raw? This is
Competetion, they fell because I
(Do this)
Bringing drama and truth cuz I don't
(Play that)
And I be reepin up cash since
(Way back)
Put your honey on my lap and make her
(Heat up)
Got her beggin me to beat it up
(Raw dog)
Throw your wacky on the floor, straight
(Kill that)
Have her garglin nuts until I
(Spill that)
You better play like En Vogue and
(Hold on)
You wanna battle? Set it off baby
(Come on)
Come one, Come on, Come on

(F) because my flavor's the best
(A) I get my hustle off all day
(R) Reck my block, knee all far
(M) I gotta hold it down wit my man
(E) Big up to my nigga E Love
(R) Keep the ill rims on the car
(S) I repped it, what more can I say, son
Farmers (What)
Farmers (What)

Little niggas gettin money on the
(Hot block)
He got the chrome shit spinnin up on
Look at the ice and leather, the way it
Pass the spit hot Linden from here to
You think you hot, Cool Jane? Ever
(Here it)
And when it comes to this I'm not a
I'm a General crack King
(I told ya)
I proved I'm the greatest rapper, nigga
(What now)
Tell your man step up, then watch he
(Go down)
Game one, do or die like
Nobody even comin close, nigga
(Why try)
From the Bronx to Shaolin to
Like Buckshot said nigga
(Duck down)
You better play like En Vogue and
(Hold on)
You know I'm goin out nigga
(Come on)
Come on, Come one, Come on



(No doubt)
I'll take your block and air it out, stay
(Ice out)
Me and my man, Little Sharp in the
(Double R)
Whole block, lined up wit all the
(Hot cars)
Nigga, never be afraid you gotta
(Get paid)
No matter what I do, I keep it
Me and my team spendin cream on the
(Club scene)
On Performance Boulevard out in
(Killa Queens)
This joint knocked in the tunnel bout
(One o'clock)
They like them raw, not the watered down
(Hip Hop)
The broad money and alah zay it
(Don't Stop)
Niggas stumblin and fallin off a
(Head Ride)
When I'm goin to Bedshaw
(Remember me)
I'm the greast Em Cee there could
(Ever be)
You better call Def Jam, and tell 'em
(Hold on)
Cuz another major label told me
(Come on)
Come on, Come on, Come on


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