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Last Emperor : Secret Wars Part One 
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Autor "Last Emperor : Secret Wars Part One"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:24        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Chorus : Bad News travels fast / and if it's about you you'll probably hear
'bout it last / but when they press up / and check up / and they ask / you
gotta keep perspective on the future and the past / and laugh / while they
keep talkin' / talk talk talkin / chicken heads keep squawkin' / power
of the spoken word is infinite / you can tell / cuz people are always
talking / talking on the run talking while walking, / talking in line,
talking in circles, / talking in time all over the world / talkin' 'bout
whatever's on their mind- that's fine / talkin' 'bout who they hawkin, who
they watchin, who they clockin, / who they heard was up to something
poppin' / always talkin' about who they remember and who's forgotten /
who's rockin' the set and who's floppin', droppin' out / talkin' 'bout
people from the cradle to the coffin / talkin' 'bout people, talkin' 'bout
people, talkin' 'bout people, / talkin' 'bout people non-stop talkin' often
/Chorus /People talk shit / their minds reinforce it / spittin' out words
and thoughts that are amorphous / pushin' sloppy sound out of their vocal
orifice / like it ain't bein' recorded / sometimes a words scorch is worse
than torches / whats more / is the talk aint uniform or rehearsed / it's
the richest, the poorest,/ from CEO boardrooms to porches to alley ways and
gutters / from coast to coast, east to west, south to north / it's people
talking of course! / like life is a courtroom / most bullshittin' from
midnight to high noon and back again / Blacks and the Blacker thans /
Whites and the Africans / far to little action far to much satisfaction /
in philanderin' usin' sex like a sedative / repetitive like rhetoric / I'm
bettin' ya think ya nice cuz you give free add-vice right? / but unless you
got a tight alternative it's best to let it just live! / and raise the
octave up to the positive / even though they try and stop you up / arteries
cloggeded / the Black man targeted that's how they set it off, they said it
/ but in the end it will be only them that's effected by they negative vibe
/ I know it hurts, there is no indigestion worse /than that which comes
from having to eat your own word(s), / I heard two(2) people need not
bicker in a burning home / but some people know how to live everybodies
life but their own so, / here's the poem dedicated / to the hatred
propagated by the ill-fated / snakes that's waitin' in grass / those that
talk the most got the least to say / but that ain't nothin' new / and it
ain't even really all that

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Last Emperor : Secret Wars Part One

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