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Lateef And Lyrics Born : Latyrx - Balcony Beach 
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Autor "Lateef And Lyrics Born : Latyrx - Balcony Beach"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:24        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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LATEEF: I just / jump outta bed and make my way to the sprinkler / let the
water wash over my soul from thinker to toe / take a leak and then I lean
over the sink brushing the teeth / and now I'm in full swing of the morning
ritual / mumbling the whole rhyme and re rehearsing my lines / hummin'
tunes on solo so the voice is prime and ready / steady as a photo through
the course of time / then I pick out a fit of the proper design / I'm
dipped fresh like pine yall / that's just in case I get any vaginal /
action in the place / gotta be sure that the homies get a taste of the
flavor / I double check and make sure the family got the date / the where,
when, and how, everthing checked out / super-tight within the SoleSides
circle of power / but now, where the fuck is X? / he's supposed ta had been
here an hour ago / shit, no trip, I kick a dope freestyle though / take a
moment out and give praise and thanks / and I'm thinking 'bout how the
Quannum gone have the shit crankin' / in a minute no gimmicks, just hyped
from the start to finish / wonderous night, beats thunderous, us lightin'
up. / 1st Chorus: LATEEF AND THE GIFT OF GAB: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah hella times /THE GIFT OF GAB: I went to sleep last night watching
showtime at the Apollo /like a youngun on the night before Xmas watching
the stockings / go 'round in a dingling and dance over their heads /
although it wasn't Xmas stockings it was microphones instead /above my
headrest. / Woke up ate my breakfast, checked off my checklist, called Jeff
/ just to quest if the guest list was just as requested, yes it was
ex-cellent, definately we'll bless this, / venue tonight allright, I gotta
get hyped, midnight is when we go on... / go through my lines a couple of
times / just to make sure they're sounding tight. / Had some clothes to
wash, I threw 'um in the washing cycle / blew my nose and flossed and
brushed. / Jumped in the shower, jumped out to get dressed / I'm on some
NFL sike shit, they'll bear witness. / I'm leaving sound check a mess at
six, I give a call to X, / "man let's get to rounding up the caravan." /
It's a gonna be another one of those nights, the horn / is blowin Lyrics
Born and Lateef are already in the car with Chief / and we about to strike
tonight, shine like litebrights, / quite the hype type, Quannum is that
abominable shit you like / your listening pleasure / I hope they treasure /
the endeavor / like something they never / saw or will ever / see together
/ that was so clever and write me letters / sayin' their head hurts / from
the pressure / on their mental, although they felt as though they left a
better person! 2nd Chorus: LATEEF, THE GIFT OF GAB AND LYRICS BORN: more
and more yeahs and stuff like that / LYRICS BORN: Oh if you only knew how
it feels doin' shows on the road or at home with your crew, / In the brown
Jetta, / Due for the sound check soon, / Townsend had fell through, DNA
Lounge? / Oooh god, I feel sorry for that poor retard, / Whose gonna
coordinate reordering the parts, / When the SoleSides guys bogart the
stage, / They got no regard, / The place is torn apart! / That's the
mindset going over the bridge, / Average speed we did was about
seven-fifth, / We was led by a Saturday night western wind flowing through
the cockpit, / We're ready for soundcheck--or the gig, / Whichever begins
first it doesn't matter, / Dinner is dessert, and hors d'oveures , and it
serves amateurs, / And at first Xcel sets up the SL 12 huns, / And we've
huddled and exchanged three rounds freestyle each, / X cues the records and
a couple heavy mettlers set up, / Three bottles of effervescent beverages,
/ And the end is eminent and Quannum's in the house, / We 'bout to give
you muthafuckas hemorrhages.

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Lateef And Lyrics Born : Latyrx - Balcony Beach

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