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Lord Finesse And DJ Mike Smooth : Funky Technician - Bad Mutha 
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Autor "Lord Finesse And DJ Mike Smooth : Funky Technician - Bad Mutha"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:25        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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"Mmm mm mm ain't that something?"
"Damn it feels good to see people up on it"
(repeat 4X)

Lord Finesse in effect cause I rhyme hard
Look good flow smooth yeah the whole nine yard
Wear and tear MC's that step near
I make the girl strip naked and just give it here
it's like taking candy from a kid in a baby carriage
Suckers vanish because I do crazy damage
Crews I smoke and diss, don't even joke with this
Just listen to the sounds of the Funky Vocalist


Now I'm the man with intellect, no one to disrespect
I kick a rhyme and make MC's wanna hit the deck
And give it up and use they rhymes as a sacrifice
Brothers try they best, they ain't even half as nice
They try to kick it, by using that softer rap
Me sound wack? Nigga please, come off of that
I'm mystical, musical, I might confuse a few
Lord Finesse gettin funky as usual
Releasin some fresh words, sparkin the neck work
cause I'm the expert, wearin sneakers and sweatshirts
Jeans and hoods, there's no doubt that I rap good
I ?walk with a bout? with my hat turned backwards
To many, I may look like a hoodlum
But I'm a rapper and a pretty damn good one
Cause I can get smooth and mild or wild like a juvenile
Or get swift with the gift and just lose the crowd
State the facts, create the raps
Those who try to down me, better step out my face with that
Cause I can get raw like many or any one of them
I take a nine when you rate me from one to ten
I got skills so don't try approachin me
I keep rhymes in stores just like groceries
Don't try to snap troop, cause this man be strapped
Come correct you be leavin home handicapped
in a straightjacket, or a wheelchair
(Finesse lost your touch?) Naah, it's still there
So wannabees and competition
Beware of Lord Finesse, the Funky Technician


I'm untouchable, with the skills to crush a crew
When it comes to rhymes it's a must that I bust a few
Keep the crowd listening I'm so magnificent
it even says Finesse on my birth certificate, I'm the
man of bravery skill and chicanery
I get the ladies cause I use my brain you see
And that's no surprise you might get pulverized
If you sleep, so don't even close your eyes
I go and flow, I even give crews advice
To make it short, I'm crazy stupid nice
Using bad words, pronouns and adverbs
Putting english together just like a mad nerd
MC's I stomp and scare, I make em lose they hair
I rip the mic and take it home as a souveneir
Rough and tough cause I come from a bad block
Watch your girl with a chain and a padlock
I go solo, far from a homo
That's a no no, get more sex than a porno
When it comes to rhymes I write my own
speak in a hyper tone, when rippin a microphone
So those steppin to me better have somethin hype to say
I cook MC's faster than you can in a microwave
I'm the type that'll give any man a chance
to come correct before leavin in a ambulance
So those that's dissin and flippin better listen
to Lord Finesse - the Funky Technician


*Chorus again w/ variations*

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