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Nasty Boy Klick : Tha 1st Chapter - Down For Yours (NBK Mix) 
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Autor "Nasty Boy Klick : Tha 1st Chapter - Down For Yours (NBK Mix)"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:25        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Down for yours if your down for mine.
Ooooooooh nasty boy click
I would die for you.
Down for yours if you down for mine.
Ooooooooh nasty boy click
Are you down for me.
Down for yours if you down for mine

I'll be that man dropping skills
give your body chills let me wine and dine
you boo no doubt that i'll be good to you
I like a girl that always gots my back
whenever i need her she'll be standing
with a mac. If your down to represent
then out your trust in me ain't scared
of no guns and let me run the streets
Let me do what i got to do and show whats fun.
love ain't blind its just that hook ups
take time. They got to have ends or a place
to live smokin fat philly's i'm still
down with you kid. So if you want it come
and get it don't take to long cuz in the
valley of A Z Loving flat females ain't
hard. So come and take a ride and let me
swing to the bounce room 6-0 duece
that's what i'm all about.
Fofill all of your desires lay back pop the
top up and let me take you high.

Loving you this way i never lead you astrey
I know you are my d o g when you Put your trust in me( put your trust in me)
I'm down for yours if your down with my floe keep it coming
I'm always down for my g.

Now all i need is shorty with a mack
like that victoria secret champain
and bubble bath let the magic man rub
you down like a magic lamp. And all
i'm getting is 3 wishes i likes that.
Cuz ain't nobody in this whole wide
world that bouts to give you love like
this ducaveral. (uh). Feel the loving
that i gots for you my wet candy, flowers
and some diamonds to. Just to let you know
how i feel for you i dedicate my life
and my soal to you. So now that you've been
thinking for a man in your life i promise
if i get it i'm gonna treat you right.
Never playa hating always down to sex me
and everytime i see you giving much respect to me
i'll be down for yours if you down for mine
Cuz the loving like our's ain't easy
to find.


What you want goldie locks money can't buy
but the scotch made devine styles like
calvin cline. Design for the masters
no style is more clashes hazardus
to the health of all men

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Nasty Boy Klick : Tha 1st Chapter - Down For Yours (NBK Mix)

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