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Pete Rock and CL Smooth : Mecca & The Soul Brother - Act Like You  
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Autor "Pete Rock and CL Smooth : Mecca & The Soul Brother - Act Like You Know"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:25        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Here comes the hurricane, C.L. same name
Cut by the grain when I land upon the plain
Jah knew the Hebrew, a Papa Duke need you
But none of the fam who saw had a clue
Escalate the prime rate, words coagulate
Generate the mind's state, never can deflate
Nigger, you jigaboo, it doesn't have to be you
Funny like a cartoon, Pepe Le Pew
Pimp are the lyrical, g-string the individual
But the metaphysical isn't spriritual
Straight from the heart I frame the art
Tune up my class, real fast, very smart
Dictate the technique, wait a minute, I speak
Loved by my son and a kiss on the cheek
Stutter-step the concept, blueprint, or pro
Steady as we go so act like you know

I stand by the rabbi, sail in Shanghai
Always had an alibi even if I lie
Crucial, never neutral, bare the fruitful
Past time, another rhyme, skedaddle, Yankee Doodle
Light skin in lovely gyp, just for the honey dip
Here to make a megahit fit
Don't install the pipe dream, renaissance regime
When you run ragged I pick up the steam
Chart on the record book, what Corey Love took the hook
Here's a new book to civilize a crook
Purest of the pedigree, feed 'em a line
C.L., no Jezebel, can never sleep well
Thick like a dred, at the Club Med
The Mecca Don said, a fish out of water is dead
Pete Rock, the soul brother, cruise on a flow
Swing low and yell "Geronimo!", act like you know

C.L. can play like Nike, come on just do it
Pacify the Gemini, soul into it
Beat to my feet is a lock like concrete
Hard for the street, decipher never incomplete
A clean editorial, rather historical
Affordable, recordable, nifty like a portable
Mecca is the syndrome, when I come back home
Boogie on a baritone, listen on a phone
Libra, the achiever, toke a reefer
C.L. the girl pleaser, like Ebanezer
So here is the good sign, I incline
Titties with the bitties when I wine and dine
Worn like corduroy, comes the bad boy
But just like Anita Pita, I bring ya joy
"Agoobilonians" with your knowledge
And take as said so, act like you know

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Pete Rock and CL Smooth : Mecca & The Soul Brother - Act Like You Know

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