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Project Pat : Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' - Life We Live 
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Autor "Project Pat : Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' - Life We Live"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:25        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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(Project Pat)
I was broke pocket full of lint now I'm on the bricks
getting paid like no other dog now I'm stackin' chips
on the road like a trucker man had to take some trips
doing shows for my brothers but strapped with extra clicks
just in case any sucker would wanna run his lips
a female I don't trust her cause women like to trip
I stay all by my getty green hell with some time
there some crime that was petty seem still getting mine
all this hate trip I'm hearing though you I ain't fearing
better try to be growing old man with your children
escalate what a nigga staring his last days nearing
trying to get it right with god only one who I'm fearing
hopin' I'ma make it keep it real
never knew I get the chances for a nigga to get paid
so I take it living like a player should
wishin' that you could knowin' it's all to the good
still down with the hood

(Chorus: repeat)
This Life We Live (Life as we see it)
See it's oh so beautiful (Oh it's so) beautiful
Oh so beautiful (Oh it's so beautiful)

(Project Pat)
Last year my cousin took a fall, a sad song
seem like we were just on the phone now he gone
people use to try to judge him sayin' he was wrong
but you can't try to judge a man you do you wrong
smokin' out on a daily base I'm in the clouds
drinkin' liqour fallin' on my face
wondering how I survive all this foolishness
up in the street ridin' dirty I ain't new to this
I'm packin' heat but the streets very hazardous
to a niggaz health watch your step you ain't Lazarus
you'll meet your death
I'm the man from the North, North site of the town
with the will to support me and keep em found
stayin' down got your gold grills dro in the air
barbecue on the grill sun cool for a player
when I ride through the streets hoes are plentiful
Cause the life that we live so beau-ti-ful

(Chorus) 2x

(Project Pat)
Gotta take the good with the bad
smile with the sad, love what you got
and remember what you had messin' with the ones
who help me in the times
when I was flat broke didn't even have a dime
my family they was there, my niggaz they was there
the rest of ya'll left me for dead didn't care
I use to have dreams livin' large in this thang
and by the grace of god I'm still alive in this thang
I strive in this game to get all that I can
Never said I'm the man, respect me as a man
to you ones think I owe you somethin'
now that's a joke think you bad come and get you somethin'
how low to dope
either treal either fake
you can love you can hate
either go and get your own or you can't sit and wait
on the next man to come up you can peep this
you can do what I do handle your bu-si-ness

(Chorus) 2x

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Project Pat : Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' - Life We Live

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