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Przetłumaczy mi ktos z angielsiego? 
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Autor "Przetłumaczy mi ktos z angielsiego?"   
 Wysłana - 19 czerwiec 2008 17:41        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

Sprawdź ile procent masz tłuszczu

Nie do konca rozumiem ten tekst, moglby mi go ktos przetlumaczyc?

Bryan McCabe might be moved in the next day or so. Mike Zeisberger, in the Toronto Sun, suggests that "one theory making the rounds here leading up to tomorrow's 2008 entry draft was that the Leafs might attempt to include McCabe and their No. 7 overall pick to the Islanders for a package that includes the No. 5 selection. By moving up two spots, the Leafs likely would land either Niagara defenceman Alex Pietrangelo or Russian forward Nikita Filatov, two players they covet."

Zeisberger has a bunch of info today with such tidbits as: Tucker is likely to be bought out shortly, Pavel Kubina is most likely to remain a Leaf unless the return in a trade was very high, there's no movement on the Sundin front, there's a thought that Joe Nieuwendyk will be hired by the Leafs the first week of July, and much more.

Damien Cox, always more than willing to put on his GM hat, lets his view be known in the Toronto Star that Cliff Fletcher should be acquiring draft picks for this weekend's draft. He suggests Nik Antropov would be a candidate as someone to trade away for a first-rounder.

Eric Duhatschek, of the Globe and Mail, takes a look at some of the defencemen available in the draft but suggests that the Leafs might be looking at Russian left winger Nikita Filatov, who some have compared to Steve Stamkos in terms of raw talent.

And finally, The Love Guru is slated to open Friday to mixed reviews. Part of the movie was filmed between periods at a Leafs game this past season. Much of the premise of the movie related to the Leafs - it looks like another decent from Mike Myers, along with Jessica Alba!

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Przetłumaczy mi ktos z angielsiego?