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Redman : Da Rockwilder 
[powiadom znajomego]    
Autor "Redman : Da Rockwilder"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:25        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Oh my god!

[Method Man]

Microphone checker,
Swinging sword lecture,
Closing down the sector,
Supreme neck protector,
Bet I won again Mister Metha warmin pot,
About to blow his head from the pressure,
Too hot for TV fo sheazy,
Too many wanna be hard be easy,
Is all in together,
Going all not together
It don't take much to please me,
Still Homes are never satisfy like the stoners,
We don't condome bitin in the sellin crossbones,
Protectin what I'm writin,
Don't clash with the Titan,
Who blast with a licence
To kill rap presitance,
C'mon in the zone with ya Nigga from the Group Home.
TICAL!! (Fuck your lifestyle)(*blows out wind*)
Put your lights out!
Got the shit the crackin,
Got you feinin with your pipes out,
Time for some action,
Surfin the Avenue,
Mad at You,
Where I used to battle crews,
Back when Antionette had that attitude,
Cover me I'm goin in,
Walls closin in,
Got us bustin off these pistols,
My Niggaz got issues again.
Same song,
armed with a mega bomb.
Blow you out the frame
and I'm gone.

I was goin to Buck these Romes,
Cellular Phones,
Doc-Meth back in the flesh,
Blood and bone,
Don't condome spit bank loans and homegrown,
Suckers break like Turbo in a no zone,
When I,
Grab the broom,
Moon-walk platoon hawk
My goons spark.
Leave you in a blue lagoon lost (truuuuue).
Three nines and a glove with masu,
Did die in the car,
Why bee had on the boss.
Haters don't touch,
Wait us both up,
Got my neighbor doped up,
Got the cable hooked up.
All channels,
Lift my shirt,
All mammal,
You ship off keys and we ship Grand Pianoes.
Sawed-off Shotgun,
Hand on the pump.
Sippin on a 40,
Smokin on a blunt.
Bust my gun,
Red and Meth gettin jumped,

La la la la, la la la laaaaaaa....

Red and Meth gettin jumped!

La la la la, la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

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Redman : Da Rockwilder

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