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Shades Of Culture : Mindstate - Mindstate 
[powiadom znajomego]    
Autor "Shades Of Culture : Mindstate - Mindstate"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:26        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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featuring C 4

INTRO [C 4: talking]
Woo Wee. It's hotter than Sudan up in here. W.C.H.U.C.K. radio. We stay
in ya everyday all day. Next up on the high power play rotation list
Shades of Culture S.O.C. featuring C 4 carnivorous crudy click cartel
with the remix.

[D Shade]
I really hate to keep the static off my mindstate
Make my escape and seperate from all the dead weight
I break like awol(?) through walls of obstacles
And stab the mind that's evil like needles in voodoo dolls
Keep sharpening my ways of thinking to keep the ship from sinking
Family link is more precius than golden lincolns
Some make material objects the focus of their quests
While I search for knowledge, third eye will never rest
I bless the mic with niceness and flex the mental like biceps
Y'all will collapse from stress if you're not taking the right steps
Insure your position in this hip-hop mission
In general it's hard to realize what we envision
Put total dedication into my occupation
With total concentration I will wreck any location
And captivate the masses with these rhymes that I generate
Move like contra band over the borders of your mindstate

My mindstate stays strictly on the chedder
In all of these things that can make my life better
The rhyme be on point down to the last letter
C-4 and S.O.C. now we talking a double header
My mindstate stays strictly on the chedder
In all of these things that can make my life better
The rhyme be on point down to the last letter
C-4 and S.O.C. now we talking a double header

I'm over your head like high wire
I'll make you sweet, I mean sweat just like Chris Spier
I'll sit back and read Allen Poe
Whole bunch of MCs still talk about how to cap a ho
It's all apro-pro inappropriate to create shit while the corporates
I wake late with the cold sweats
Throw on the ??? and the blues and the puma sweats
I want to peep the happenings in my borough
I wipe my fr-ow and walk over to the window
Then I evaporate like methanol inside my central mental
Mindstate, sharp to penetrate you left ventricle
Like cupid's arrows to sparrows you're in trouble
Without Hubble you can't focus upon Shade Of Culture's bone marrow
Now your gasping, spazims and the chazims
Open up to expose your final place of repose


Dive into the depths of the mindstate
To phatoms you can't fathom, foes and friends get the bends
Nitrogen enriched blood creating hallucinating
Check the dread he's got it in his head
I got lots on my mind, thoughts shine like diamond mines
'Bout the brothers with the nines and how I'll make a dime
I'm not trying to see lockdown in this world like Alcatraz
But with every step you take, problems follow that as...
Complex shit get figured out like trigonometry
Politics is like instant lobotomy
It's all in your own mind, check your bookshelf
It's full of knowledge and knowledge is true wealth
This goes out to all the people struggling
Me and my crew be huddlin' and making sure we ain't stumbling
Without sure footedness you get lost in the abyss
That's why mindstate will always be at its sharpest


OUTRO [C-4: talking]
Yo, Shades got these headphones over here smoking man. Yo, that track is
hot, hot, hot. We just keep running it up here on W-CHUCK. Shout-out
That stuff was definitly bangin. We want to send a shout to Mr. Len Sosa,
Kra-Z-Noize, The Wreck Hard Crew, all the b-boys, b-girls, graffiti
artists, DJs, everybody supporting the hip-hop on the isle, WORD!

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Shades Of Culture : Mindstate - Mindstate

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