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Sinead O'Connor : Lion & The Cobra - Just Call Me Joe 
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Autor "Sinead O'Connor : Lion & The Cobra - Just Call Me Joe"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:26        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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We came here across the great divide
Into the city, slander all eyes
We found a great love as we fell inside
They could not touch us as we'd go by
I've seen you the first time in Trogny's bar
But I'll see you later, we'll talk of black
We'll meet up for sure, oh will we not?
Away from all of the friends that you've got
Oh no, oh no

I said don't call me sir
just call me Joe
Don't call me lady
Just call me Joe
Don't call me mister
Oh, just call me Joe
Don't call me sweetheart
Just call me Joe

You wear the best clothes that I've ever seen
I've seen your light and your poetry
And it's the best thing that there's ever been
You're both the beauty and the beast
That's how it is and that's how it end
Into another city where you live far away
That's how it is and that's how it end
You've seen my face but you've never heard my name
Oh no, oh oh

I said don't call me sir
Oh, just call me Joe
Don't call me lady
Just call me Joe
Don't call me mister
Just call me Joe
Don't call me sweetheart
Just call me Joe

"We never said goodbye, I said carry your purses with you now I have
regards to you about our night this weekend and i'm giving you
information...the leaves, the leaves they like your teeth. Come on
I'm not going to force you now I had this, this annoying dream. This
technology of ours..there's this place that is ever so refined that
one one knows and a storm boomer with white light is the
shadow of a fish, multiple electrical systems you fly through, traffic
lights that may open a door...a bunch of computer systems as clear as
a cut crystal painting...infinite selections as clear as a crystal
show...weapons, tanks, lasers, and aircraft moving across the sky, and
huge missles, nuclear warheads that stand out more than
anything...ultimate satellites, spy cameras, infared sensors, you, you
can hear the thunder and positive thnking and start to say: I'll make
more human development don't have to go and stop your
field practices..such as human rights violations, yeah come up and see
me sometime if you never ever want to intensify all communication,
listen to what i'm not saying over and over...I feel as if some
traveller returned"

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Sinead O'Connor : Lion & The Cobra - Just Call Me Joe

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