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Tiffany : Greatest Hits - Mr. Mambo 
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Autor "Tiffany : Greatest Hits - Mr. Mambo"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:26        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Written by: John Duarte, Mark Paul

Mr. Mambo (repeat)

I've been waiting for the weekend
To go out and have some fun
Well the stars shine just like sequins
And my heart beats like a machine gun
All my friends all need to party
Most of them are on the floor
Well I feel like I'm in heaven
As that boy walks through the door

Ooh I hope he notices
And when he looks me in the eye
Gotta have a beat now
That's why I'm countin' on you

Please Mr. Mambo
Strike up the combo
And let the music sway
Please Mr. Mambo
Just one more song now
So we can shake the night away

Here he comes so clean and ready
As he's rockin' to the beat
As he gets closer I'm breathin' heavy
Lookin' down at my own feet
An in a second he's right before me
Askin' me for a dance
I look up slowly, feelin' the glory
As he takes me by the hand

Ooh I wanna feel the rhythm
Ooh I've gotta feel the groove now
I know it's your decision
That's why I'm countin' on you

Please Mr. Mambo
Just on sambo
And let the music sway
Please Mr. Mambo
Just one more song so
We can swing the night away

Like it was Mardi Gras Night at the mall and everyone who was anybody was there.
There was some kind of like Limbo contest.
Oh no, it was Mr. Natural Brazil, you know, no steroids.
Oh and then like this gorgeous guy come up and asked me to dance.
Well like I got so nervous I split my diet soft drink on him.
Well that kind of bummed the evening out for us.
And just as I was trying to dry him for off, the music started.
Like I had never heard this type of music before.
I had no experience with this strange beat.
It sounded like they stole it from like the "I Love Lucy" show.
And then like this guy came out.
He was like so for sure, for sure.
He had like wing tip shoes on and like this funny little red hat on.
Like oh wow, that was the night Mr. Mambo changed my life.

Mr. Mambo (repeat and fade with following)
Please Mr. Mambo
Strike up the combo
And let this music sway
Please Mr. Mambo
Just one more song now
So we can dance the night away
Please Mr. Mambo
Strike up the combo
So we can shake the night away

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Tiffany : Greatest Hits - Mr. Mambo

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