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Trik Turner : Trik Turner - New York Groove 
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Autor "Trik Turner : Trik Turner - New York Groove"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:26        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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I got a fist full of dollars and a one track mind
I gotta find what I'm looking for in the dead of night
3rd and 4e buildings to the sky I've got one last chance to get high to get high
New York City might be the place to be
If your game is tight and if your green takes flight
Take another chance on the place that don't sleep
Creep on the sidewalks listen as she sleeps
I'm back and I'm down for whatever Tribe Called Quest is in the CD player
Trik Turner bill boards in Time Square
No west coast G's just east coast players
Strike up a Newport sippin on my import gotta get that buzz
For them clubs that be what I see
Ok MCs in my pathway better make room I'm divin' deep into the groove

It's been a long time since I got down
Been a long time since I got down baby
So take a look around it ain't nothing nice
If your caught slippin' just another
Day in the life of that New York living
Where fast times makes for fast ways
In and out with the latest craze
It takes more than the average to amaze
The typical New Yorker can make you
Or break you either way it changes you
To something that you thought you'd never be
From rags to riches or riches to rags
Everyone plays a part you can see on
The faces of places and things that you've
Never seen it's all about the dollar dream
Owning millions have a penthouse in the tallest
Buildings I'm going all the way forget what
The critics say its all about them royalties
If you don't like it then suck on these!

I said I'm back in the New York Groove
I said I'm back in the New York Groove!

Pull up the 6 4 and open the door
We got models galore never seen us before
We swoop about ten and pick up a friend
We sticken shorties that kid prince
Taught me naughty this click is chillin
Yo we top billin'
New York Groove is how we livin'

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Trik Turner : Trik Turner - New York Groove

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