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Turk : Young & Thuggin' - Untamed Guerrilla 
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Autor "Turk : Young & Thuggin' - Untamed Guerrilla"   
 Wysłana - 23 maj 2007 15:26        | zgłoś naruszenie regulaminu

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Better ask somebody...nigga(nigga)...Untamed Guerilla(u-huh)..
...chu'ont know(chu'ont know)...better ask somebody nigga(ask 'em)..
...Lil' Turk, Young-n-Thuggin'(be 'dat)
+Off Top+(+Off Top+),look(look),look(look)...

...Head-bustin' is in my nature, fuck wit' me,I erase ya
Run wit' only the real,cuz fake niggaz puts to stay shut
All I know is the street projects, bricks, and hallways
How to get rid of beef, grab my K' and let it spray
Untamed Guerilla, 'bout spinnin' benz,wodie and gettin' it rid of 'ya
I was taught that way
But nigga get out of order,shoot that bitch in his face
Size me up, fuck it nigga, I'm catchin' the case
Growin up behind mine, can't let no nigga play me
If it gets too much for me I call my nigga Baby
We gon' ride nigga, better be ready somebody gon' die nigga
We gon' burn 'em up, make his head sizzle
Light his block up like Cid Park,when it's Christmas
Can't miss it we gon' hit him, +Checkmate+ him
Give him a straight dog shot
Bitch nigga get it right cuz you will get chopped

[Hook-Turk 4x]
Untamed Guerrilla, Uptown fo' sho'
Gettin' full of that raw, Mac Melph-Calio

(Look, look, look)
Nigga I'm Untamed, quik,to-jack a nigga for cocaine
When I steal a nigga, it's tha close range
Realest they come, never play no game, I bust your ass nigga
Fake Boba'll out, won't last nigga
Fearin' nothing, this way, you ain't no bad nigga
You better get it right and keep it right
Cuz I dress in Killa-Wear , you won't sleep at night
Hit cho' pop when it's dark, ssshit I just might
Me and Craig come wit' choppers and you gon' lose your life
I'm nothin nice, nothin descent,know you heard about me
Soon as the beef start nigga, look, it will come out me
And knock you all out, left dead in the scene people fall out
That's what happen to you when you got a loud mouth
You gon' do something,know I'm talkin 'bout and be about it
I'ma shoot somethin ,well shoot, I ain't gon' speak about it
I'ma hit you in yo dome, plug, don't leak about it
Leave you dead on the scene, live nigga, I doubt it

[Hook-Turk 4x]
Untamed Guerilla, Uptown fo' sho'
Gettin' full of that raw, Mac Melph-Calio

I'm a lil' nigga feel like a giant wit' a gun
Quick to kill niggaz cuz I'm real as they come
Got a chopper wit' a drum, I ain't lose yet
Nigga play if ya want, your life, lose that
+It's All On U+ black,tryin' to be hard niggaz
Spin a ben, bullets flippin', and spinnin' yo dome nigga
Thuggin' since pampers, I never was a hoe
Spit yo shit to the flat, leave yo brains on the flo'
You know I get's dirty, I'm low down cuz'n
Got eleven under my belt, one more would mean a dozen
I'ma type nigga, who really don't give a fuck
Ask them nigga my background watch 'em,they tell yo luck
I don't give a fuck about,how many niggas you kill
Who you can to,nigga your brain can gets spill
Bitch-ass, pussy-ass, jive-ass-nigga
Want the rice at tha Chinese wedding,sissyfied-ass-nigga

[Hook-Turk 8x]

Untamed Guerrilla, uptown fo' sho'
Gettin' full of that raw, Mac Melph-Calio

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Turk : Young & Thuggin' - Untamed Guerrilla

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