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Zadanie z czasw, proba o sprawdzenie. 
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Autor "Zadanie z czasw, proba o sprawdzenie."   
 Wysana - 14 stycze 2014 23:48        | zgo naruszenie regulaminu

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Witam oto zadanie:
1) The weather HAD BEEN(be) beautiful all morning but then clouds suddenly APPEARED(appear) out of nowhere and the rain HAS STARTED(start) to pour down.
2) We WERE WALKING(walk) roun in circles for hours before i HAD REALISED(realise) we were completly lost. If only I REMEMBER(remember) to bring a map.
3) I WAS JUST SETTLING (just settle)down to sleep in the tent when i HEARD(hear) a loud roar. I DIDN'T DARE(no dare) to look outside.
4) The sea TURNED (turn)from gentle waves into a storm in what SEEMED( seem) like seconds. I HAD NEVER NEED(never need) so much strength to control the boat.

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"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

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Zadanie z czasw, proba o sprawdzenie.